Top 10 Mobile Apps for Gaming

Gaming apps for mobile platforms can be money spinners for developers if they hit the sweet spot but competition is so fierce the top placed are toppled and their place taken over by emerging games with a unique twist that appeals to hungry audiences the world over.

Most profitable gaming apps

Mobile gaming apps are usually developed for all OS platforms but a few developers may focus only on one platform to start with and then introduce versions for the other. You have mind puzzle games, sports games, entertainment games, social games and war games to describe only a few. Undoubtedly the most popular in recent times are:

  • Clash of Clans by Supercell
  • The Simpsons by EA
  • Puzzle and Dragons by GungHo Online
  • Hay Day by Supercell
  • Candy Crush Saga by
  • Kingdom of Camelot by Kabam
  • CSR Racing by NaturalMotion
  • Minecraft by Mojang
  • Dragon Vale by Backflip studios

Diffusion Million Arthur by Square Enix
These games have proved to be the most profitable ones for their publishers. It does not necessarily imply that these are the most popular or widely played mobile games.

Games in the iOS World

The iOS world has a different set of games that occupy top of the charts in terms of downloads and popularity. These are:
VVVVVV, a 2D puzzle game with genes going back to the PC era.
Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, another puzzle adventure said to be gripping and interesting in the way it is presented.
Battle Heart Legacy, continuing the Battleheart lineage where players enter a fantasy world and egg their hero on to success.

Sky Force 2014 is a mobile version involving dogfights in the air, with a new twist in the form of scrolling shooter experience and 3D graphics, adapted to the touchscreen environment.
Tales of Adventure Company gets you tapping and involves slimy creatures you must overcome to advance to the next level.

Fluid SE is a racing game getting you involved in high octane action.
The Powerpuff Girls—Defenders of Townsville is an action adventure building on the popularity of the famous cartoon characters who go into action in Townsville.
Supernauts is multiplayer enabled helping you work through 3D puzzles in a competitive atmosphere.

Dragon Quest VIII in full 3D is one of the most popular, though not at the top of the list

TwoDots is a puzzle game to help you pass the time pleasantly navigating jungles and various other topographies over several challenge stages.

Generally speaking:

While some games have gone to the top on specific platforms, a few have become popular across several and these are:

Angry Birds, popular since 2010, a highly addictive game so ubiquitous that we tend to ignore it
Infinity Blade is all about sword fighting that makes full use of the swipe feature on touchscreens.

Infinity Blade, Cut the Rope, Field Runners are for the iOS platform but then you have

Flight Control that works on various platforms and lets you fly planes through nerve rattling collision courses and you have to be careful how you fly and land.

Fruit Ninja is another ever green game for most platforms, one you will never tire of playing despite newcomers on the touchscreen.
Ranking games, as can be seen from the different lists above, is no easy task.

You can rank them by revenue generated, by popularity or due to the widespread availability on all platforms. Some are free, some are paid and that is another factor. By the way there is also a rumor going on that top e-commerce websites in India like Flipkart & Snapdeal can soon launch gaming apps to woo their customers. And if you are looking for more discount deal and coupons for gaming console and player visit and get the product at attractive price by using coupon codes.