Tips & Tricks to Choose the Domain Name for your Blog

Selecting a domain name is as crucial as creating an online presence. In fact, selecting a good domain name is a first step towards creating a visible online presence. In this article, we have mentioned tips and tricks that may help you select a good domain name for your blog.

Select .com Extension

The reason why using a .com domain is emphasized is that most users assume .com extension while browsing. Having any other extension puts a roadblock for you. Customers find it difficult to remember other extensions such as .net, .tv, and .org.  However, there are a lot of websites that use diverse extensions, users prefer .com because it is considered ideal.

Use Short Name

Think ‘aboutthisandtellmehowitlookslike.’ Difficult to read, isn’t it? Keep your domain name precise, simple and related to your business, as it will attract the users and help them remember you. Keep in mind that the shorter your domain name is, the better it will appear to the users.

Simple spellings and easy to pronounce

If someone wants to recommend you, they will find it easy to remember and share a simple name, instead of a large and complicated URL. Use catchy words that are easy to remember and spell. People will pass your website’s URL more if they remember the name and do not stop to think about the pronunciation and spelling.

Avoid hyphens

Hyphens make a website URL look complicated. Avoid hyphens, or any other additional character, if possible.


Yes, the website is for users, but you cannot forget the search engines. Crafting a domain name using keywords can work as boon for your website. Always keep in mind to use grammatically correct keywords. Your domain should be the first place to start optimizing your website for search engines. However, while using, make sure that the keywords you have selected make sense.

Use brand name

It is better to have same name of your organization and domain. This will help you build a brand image and your users are most likely to remember you because they do not have to remember different names. Also, you never know when you become a popular company and a household name. If that happens, you will be glad that you have same domain name.

Be flexible

So, you have started with a new business of selling car parts, but you never know how your business may expand in future. Hence, avoid using any keyword that may box you in or restrict you in any way.

Final Thoughts

Keep all the above-mentioned tips in mind before selecting a domain name. Have any other tip in mind? Share with us in the comments section.